If an appointment letter provides Gratuity in the monthly CTC (Cost to the Company), an employee can claim gratuity even when he has not completed 5 years of service.

Unless in Appointment Letter details are provided about probation period, he/she will be treated as regular employees.

When an appointment letter does not provide about the retirement age, such employee can continue to work as long as he is physically and mentally fit to work.

If there is no condition in the Appointment Letter about transfer of an employee from one place to another, such an employee cannot be transferred.

In the absence of any condition in the appointment letter about quantum suspension allowance, such a suspended employee will be entitled to full wages during his suspension.

In the Appointment letter, if there is no such condition that an employee can be transferred to any other office or branch or unit, such employee cannot be legally transferred to any branch or unit, which has been set up after the employee has been conducted in the employment.