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Leave Travel Allowance

Leave Travel Allowance

There are many Allowances as per Income Tax Act 1961, which reduces your taxable income and eventually it lowers your Tax burden. One of that is “Leave Travel Allowance”, which helps reduce the tax burden; in case you are travelling within India, it is also named as...

Understanding Your Earnings & Deductions:

A. Basic Basic is a fixed component in your Salary and forms the basis of other portions of your CTC. It is usually a large portion of your total salary. As per Industry Standard – it’s about 40-60% of your CTC. B. House Rent Allowance Salaried individuals, who live...

Maternity Benefit Act, 2017

Sec 5(3): Extended Benefit limited only up to two children The extended benefit of 26 weeks i.e. 8 weeks pre and 18 weeks post expected date of delivery, is limited to a woman up to 2 children. They shall continue to be entitled for 12 weeks of paid maternity leave...

The Minimum Wages Act, 1948

Compliance for the Month of May, 20 - Due Date - Type - RecurrencePayment of Minimum Wages - 31-May-20 - Rule - MonthlyRegister of Wages - 31-May-20 - Register - MonthlyRegister of Overtime and Payment of Overtime Wages - 31-May-20 - Register - MonthlyRegister Of...

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

Compliance for the Month of May-20 / Due Date / Type / RecurrenceIntimation Of Benefits Under The Act To Women Employees - 20-May-20 - Rule - MonthlyMuster Roll Of Women Workers - 31-May-20 - Register - Monthly

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